Goma, DR Congo - This has been a triumphant year, so far, for international justice. It began with Invisible Children’sKony2012 campaign, which, rightly or wrongly, popularised the scourge of central African war criminals with a viral video - and appeared to provoke a US military response. In March, the International Criminal Court issued its first verdict with the trial of DRC warlord Thomas Lubanga. This month, western-backed proceedings found Charles Taylor guilty of aiding and abetting war crimes in Sierra Leone.

These resolutions have been praised as milestones, but in the north-east of the DRC, where stability has been fragile - if not absent - since the ethnic and political ruptures of the Rwandan genocide, the quest to deliver justice to ICC-indicted Bosco “The Terminator” Ntaganda is toppling the hard-won former peace. 

Ntaganda was one of the most powerful generals in eastern Congo - but now is a man on the run, leaving an area the size of Greece destabilising in his wake. His original 2006 indictment accused him of recruiting children younger than 15 into active combat, and the ICC has now added new charges relating to alleged crimes, including murder, ethnic persecution, rape and sexual slavery, pillaging and deliberate civilian attacks.

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